Score same weight!

Fucking loving life same weight for two weeks with no training yes nutrition is the fucking key. Get in 🙂 I’m happy with maintaining my weight considering can’t train.


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I want to climb!!!!!

I have never wanted to climb as much as I do today. I just want to escape into wall and forget everything. Instead seen as that is off the cards for many reasons as not only will I knack my ribs up, slow down recovery, piss Erika off, disappoint her and myself it just isn’t worth it. So walk in sun instead. Doesn’t work as we’ll but it’ll have to do.

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Sunday without PT :(

I miss training totally gutted I couldn’t climb and do megafit yesterday but was really fun catching up with everyone 🙂 cannot wait to be back in one piece so I can get back into training. Loved end of megafit, sprinting is so much fun, only use a treadmill has long distance running sucks. She says intending to survive a half marathon in September.
I’m super gutted today second Sunday without PT, counting down days till recovered. However I do have a smile only face given that I still weigh 68.9 Kgs. I know nutrition is just a much if not more important than training but in my head I’m thinking shit I can’t train I’ll put weight on. Nope need to be watching my nutrition even more so than usual and tbf with Erika on my side shouldn’t ever go wrong.
Right time for a walk pre breakfast well it’ll be more like brunch by time I get home 🙂

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Mum’s birthday

It’s my mums birthday and I was planning on taking her out for food but she said she’s rather me cook. Not entirely sure if that means my cooking is better or just she doesn’t want me to spend money on food for her.
Anyways I’ve been requested to make a broccoli quiche and for a rather unorthodox birthday cake prune and apple crumble. Hmm we will see how this turns out. 😀

Also I miss training like mad.

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Day 4 no training

Reached day 4 of no training out of 28 well and surprisingly enough I’ve not gone stair crazy just yet. However I’m not liking that I’m no longer sore well muscle soreness anyways.
I want to train, I want never gets as my parents used to say.

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Sundays are shite without PT !!!!

Sundays are shit and boring without PT sessions. I’d normally be getting tortured in best way possible as I type this :'(. Best get used to it for few weeks 😦 damn breaking myself. Erika I miss training already and it’s not even twenty four hours without it.

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Awesome Weekend!

Excellent weekend fitness wise, woke up yesterday like an excited little kid to climb. I seriously love climbing considering I had barely climbed for a year missing one week is torture now it’s became a regular thing again. Climbing was great and cloned a fun route, haven’t completed my boulder problem yet but loving it. Not unusual for me to be stuck on it for a while. Erika’s shown me how to climb it so it’s a matter of managing it now. After climbing nice lunch with Erika and Khelda. Followed by chilled ish evening busy in a different sense.
I tried Pilates today which was really fun, I wasn’t sure if I’d like it but it was good. Followed by work and then followed by by far the best part of today PT session with Erika. This was immense I am still on an exercise high, nice little example of what her new class will entail and trust me it’s amazing :D. Truly loved it and totally not for faint hearted. I proper love it and excited for it to start.
Totally psyched for exercise, tomorrow is another hectic training day after the shitty part of day is over that is work. I will be doing my gym programme, fit as hel workout, attempt to beat my 5k time, then classes time kettle bells and fat burn. Get in bring on the pain, this is all on the premise I can get outta bed haha.
Tonight’s tea was amazing, turkey salad with avocado. I only tried avocado yesterday and it’s a hit 🙂


Also did a bit of shopping today and this was my shopping 🙂 protein bars not ideal but good as emergency protein at work.


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Idiot capacity reached

Idiot capacity reached by 8 am on a Friday. Sometimes I do wonder about intelligence of the human species.
Bring on the weekend of fun.
In other news my walking pace is slower than old grannies at the moment legs trashed 😀

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I do love the feeling of aching and trust me I’m aching all over right now and have been all week. Tomorrow I think is most definitely a rest day. Ready to start all over again at the weekend :).
I’m so super excited for Saturday for climbing, missing last week sucked. I’ve been so busy during week too that I’ve not had chance to go for a boulder as planned. Now I want to climb tomorrow but active recovery and all that, I’m going to be good and rest.
Tonight was fun, Khelda and I competing as to who can hang for the longest time from the trx frame, with some people randomly laughing at us. I need to slyly work on this Khelda beat me by a mile.
Well time for food, shower and sleep for me.

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Success I ran 5 k

I hate running and I’m running the great north run this year so I figured I best start doing some running before I keel over and die at the finish if I make it that far. This is by no means is an exaggeration, so I’m forcing myself to run every time I’m at the gym to go on treadmill. Either as a warm up or a cool down.
So today after work gym session, 5 k run get in, shite time like 38 minutes stamina needs working on that’s for sure, but steady pace right way through with incline. Not a bad start. So after the run which tbf by the end wasn’t as bad as I expected, still had energy left. I tried out my new program that Erika wrote on Sunday, it’s mint 😀 I loved it. New machines and nice hanging challenge 😀
I’m loving how I’m feeling right now as in fitness wise, otherwise got a lot going on. I am completely aching everywhere :), had nice workout yesterday and PT in Sunday. Gym tomorrow hopefully well if I can move :).

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